Management and Technology Consulting

We produce all the necessary solutions for you to achieve the ultimate success in your business.

Management Consulting

Good management is implemented with extraordinary solutions. Today, in commercial competitive environment, besides what is produced or sold, how it is managed is also a very important factor.

As your ability that manage your company increases, your difference that is between your competitors reaches serious levels. Good management clarifies the future of the company, eliminates obscurity and anxiety.

Working with good management consultants greatly increases your market and competitive field, and provides you to be one of the forefront of large marathons.

As getucon, with our experiences that we have gained both in Turkey and abroad, we carry it to a much better level by using professional management techniques by examining your company in all its details, and we ensure that you achieve success by being one piece to produce the most perfect solutions.

Doing teamwork with Turkey and Germany offices sheds light your way with experience in these areas by producing solutions about process management, the management of law and taxes of existing or newly established your company.

Technology Consulting

While the speed of technological developments adds value to your existing technological investments, it forces you to improve your technological investments or to develop technological infrastructure for growing businesses.

In addition to all these, technological investments increase the profits of companies thanks to the performance it that adds to business development and process management and contributes to the service quality at a level that cannot be ignored.

As getucon, we produce solutions that are suitable for your goals and objectives by producing technological solutions related to your business using international standards. We add strength to your power with both software and infrastructural solutions.

The basic steps of our technology consultancy services are as following;

  • Analysis and structuring of IT policies,
  • System analysis and infrastructure solutions,
  • Creating software or hardware solution models,
  • Structuring procedures such as operation, management, work flow and maintenance,
  • Cost Analysis,
  • Project consultancy and management


The services that we provide with our customers who want to benefit from our technology consultancy services in a coordinated and planned manner are as follows;

  • Infrastructure consultancy services and projects (hardware, network, security, maintenance, data center, etc.),
  • Structuring consultancy and projecting of disaster systems,
  • Developing Cloud, VM, RDP projects and producing solutions according to needs,
  • To produce solutions according to field automation software and hardware needs and to provide consultancy,
  • Requirement determination, capacity assessment and the creation of appropriate projects, and the activation of projects after analysis.
  • If we need to collect our services under general headings, respectively; we can group them under headings such as project consultancy, application consultancy, IT system infrastructure consultancy, data center consultancy, network and security systems consultancy, IT operating model consultancy.