Germany-Turkey Investment Consulting

We provide consulting services for your investment between Germany and Turkey.

Germany has invested or will take to conclude successfully the investment you made in Turkey about why you even legal and financial obligations and you should throw your steps accordingly.

We as getuco, you need to know about the trade relations between Germany and Turkey, together with our expert sales representatives in the field and we are transferring all the information you need to practice. We are with you throughout the process so that you can make the right decision from the establishment phase of your company to the investment phase.

Germany and parallel special arrangements to standard regulations in different laws in Turkey. They organize the arrangement of annual consolidated balance sheets in both languages ​​with our expert legal and financial advisory staff in these two countries and clarify the laws regarding taxation. both in terms of social insurance laws of your employees with tax statements provide consultancy services in Turkey and Germany.

Our company supports you to make the best decision in terms of trading or merging, with value assessment and risk analysis reports. Together, they make common sense and evaluate the current situation and make the most correct move.
As a result, the large and expert staff, both in Turkey and is with you in the investment process along with Germany or two countries for you to take the right decisions and next in the process (legal, financial, technological) We support you.